Post-Surgical Lymphatic Massage

After many types of cosmetic or plastic surgery (such as liposuction, BBL, and tummy tuck), lymphatic massage is a key part of the healing process. It helps bring the swelling down more quickly to give you the contours you want sooner.

But more importantly, lymphatic massage can ease the pain and discomfort you feel after surgery. Gentle, rhythmic massage is used to encourage lymph to drain out of affected areas. And if hard, painful areas have formed, often where a compression garment wrinkles, such as along the sides of the waist–I will use firmer, detailed work to break up the hard spots and give you the relief you need.

I usually recommend waiting two weeks after surgery to begin lymphatic massage. Sessions are typically 30-60 minutes long, depending how extensive the surgery was, how much swelling there is, and how much hardened tissue is present. Frequency will depend upon what procedure(s) you had done, and how you feel in your body. Most clients will achieve their desired results between 6 and 18 sessions, ending by the 12th week out from the date of surgery.

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