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  • Do you have a complex health condition?
  • Have you had a recent injury or surgery?
  • Do you need an exceptionally skilled massage therapist?

Performing minor miracles on traumatized tissues is my specialty!

I’m Adrienne Elder, and massage therapy isn’t just a job for me–it’s a vocation. I have the experience, knowledge, and talent to make a difference in your life.

I provide a variety of therapeutic massage services–including oncology massage and manual lymph drainage (sometimes called lymphatic massage)–in my Louisville office, in the comfort of your home, or in the convenience of your care facility or workplace. If you come to me, you’ll appreciate the beautiful, relaxing atmosphere here. If I come to you, I’ll bring a soft, heated massage table or an ergonomic massage chair. If you have limited mobility, I can massage you while you sit in a chair or wheelchair, or recline in a hospital bed.

If you’re in or near Louisville and specialized massage therapy sounds like exactly what you need, I’d love the chance to work with you.

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